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Re: [tor-talk] Why corrupt government officials blah blah bleh blah

On 3/8/15, Travis Bean <tlbean@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> What I have for download on my website, especially the version for
> Linux, makes it very simple for an individual with zero computer
> knowledge

My mom showed me how ta turn it on, but I might need some help with
that step next time tha power goes out, cause there were a few steps,
and it seems a bit complicated for me. She said it was more secure if
it didn't come on automatically.

Is this enough computer knowledge?

> to setup a high-security, military-grade


I'm sold! Tell me more - I turned my computer on again, but
something's not right since the screen seems black to me, but it could
be my eyes.

Is there something I'm doing wrong?

> communications system
> in a matter of minutes. This takes hour on end for someone who is not
> familiar with Linux and not an expert in computer security.

Well it's been an hour, and my computer screen is still black. I'm
pretty sure I'm doin somthing wrong...............
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