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Re: [tor-talk] Why corrupt government officials blah blah bleh blah

On 3/9/15, Travis Bean <tlbean@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> On 03/07/2015 08:37 PM, Zenaan Harkness wrote:
>> On 3/8/15, Travis Bean <tlbean@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>> ...
>>> What I have for download on my website, especially the version for
>>> Linux, makes it very simple for an individual with zero computer
>>> knowledge
>> My mom showed me how ta turn it on, but I might need some help with
>> that step next time tha power goes out, cause there were a few steps,
>> and it seems a bit complicated for me. She said it was more secure if
>> it didn't come on automatically.
>> Is this enough computer knowledge?
>>> to setup a high-security, military-grade
>> Awesome!
>> I'm sold! Tell me more - I turned my computer on again, but
>> something's not right since the screen seems black to me, but it could
>> be my eyes.
>> Is there something I'm doing wrong?
>>> communications system
>>> in a matter of minutes. This takes hour on end for someone who is not
>>> familiar with Linux and not an expert in computer security.
>> Well it's been an hour, and my computer screen is still black. I'm
>> pretty sure I'm doin somthing wrong...............
> Zenaan Harkness, you are being given fair warning! I suggest you stop
> with the condescending B.S. while you are still ahead. You and your
> cohorts from the UK will be subjected to a defamation lawsuit if you
> keep it up. Any further B.S. from any wacko from the UK will be pursued
> very vigorously. This include any further libelous statements from those
> of you on this mailing list who have made threatening, derogatory,
> libelous remarks towards me that will be prosecuted to the fullest
> extent of the law!

Travis (if that be your real name), I applaud your passion and conviction.

If you are truly a supporter of freedom, then you will find like minds
around here.

BUT, you have not heard my response to you in the light it was
intended, your rashness appears to lead you to attack when you might
consider thanking, and the responses around here are mostly
considerate and caring - please consider doing likewise.

I know as well as I hope you do, that there is a lot of crap going on
in the world at the moment and our fundamental human rights are well
and truly under attack. "Most humans" (since I know nearly all of them
:D) appear on the surface to be not deserving of freedom. The
consequence of mass (semi?) willful ignorance has to be enslavement
and human microchipping looks like the end game (book of Revelation
for any biblical-foiled hatters around) - that vision is not a world I
wish to have.

In the meantime, read between the lines. If you believe in yourself
and have a vision you hold as worthy of manifesting, take the
constructive criticisms on board, rather than lash out at those who
are trying to assist. Every tool has its purpose, and that includes

Good luck,
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