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[tor-talk] Tor is released!

Hi, all!

There's a new alpha Tor release! Because it's an alpha, you should
only run it if you're ready to find more bugs than usual, and report
them on trac.torproject.org.

The source code is available from the usual place on
www.torproject.org; if you build Tor from source, why not give it a
try? And if you don't build Tor from source, packages should be ready
over the coming days, with a Tor Browser alpha release likely by

Here's what's new:
Changes in version - 2019-03-22
  Tor is the third in its series; it fixes several small
  bugs from earlier versions.

  o Minor features (address selection):
    - Treat the subnet as public for some purposes;
      private for others. This subnet is the RFC 6598 (Carrier Grade
      NAT) IP range, and is deployed by many ISPs as an alternative to
      RFC 1918 that does not break existing internal networks. Tor now
      blocks SOCKS and control ports on these addresses and warns users
      if client ports or ExtORPorts are listening on a RFC 6598 address.
      Closes ticket 28525. Patch by Neel Chauhan.

  o Minor features (geoip):
    - Update geoip and geoip6 to the March 4 2019 Maxmind GeoLite2
      Country database. Closes ticket 29666.

  o Minor bugfixes (circuitpadding):
    - Inspect the circuit-level cell queue before sending padding, to
      avoid sending padding when too much data is queued. Fixes bug
      29204; bugfix on

  o Minor bugfixes (logging):
    - Correct a misleading error message when IPv4Only or IPv6Only is
      used but the resolved address can not be interpreted as an address
      of the specified IP version. Fixes bug 13221; bugfix on Patch from Kris Katterjohn.
    - Log the correct port number for listening sockets when "auto" is
      used to let Tor pick the port number. Previously, port 0 was
      logged instead of the actual port number. Fixes bug 29144; bugfix
      on Patch from Kris Katterjohn.
    - Stop logging a BUG() warning when Tor is waiting for exit
      descriptors. Fixes bug 28656; bugfix on

  o Minor bugfixes (memory management):
    - Refactor the shared random state's memory management so that it
      actually takes ownership of the shared random value pointers.
      Fixes bug 29706; bugfix on

  o Minor bugfixes (memory management, testing):
    - Stop leaking parts of the shared random state in the shared-random
      unit tests. Fixes bug 29599; bugfix on

  o Minor bugfixes (pluggable transports):
    - Fix an assertion failure crash bug when a pluggable transport is
      terminated during the bootstrap phase. Fixes bug 29562; bugfix

  o Minor bugfixes (Rust, protover):
    - Add a missing "Padding" value to the Rust implementation of
      protover. Fixes bug 29631; bugfix on

  o Minor bugfixes (single onion services):
    - Allow connections to single onion services to remain idle without
      being disconnected. Previously, relays acting as rendezvous points
      for single onion services were mistakenly closing idle rendezvous
      circuits after 60 seconds, thinking that they were unused
      directory-fetching circuits that had served their purpose. Fixes
      bug 29665; bugfix on

  o Minor bugfixes (stats):
    - When ExtraInfoStatistics is 0, stop including PaddingStatistics in
      relay and bridge extra-info documents. Fixes bug 29017; bugfix

  o Minor bugfixes (testing):
    - Downgrade some LOG_ERR messages in the address/* tests to
      warnings. The LOG_ERR messages were occurring when we had no
      configured network. We were failing the unit tests, because we
      backported 28668 to, but did not backport 29530. Fixes bug
      29530; bugfix on
    - Fix our gcov wrapper script to look for object files at the
      correct locations. Fixes bug 29435; bugfix on
    - Decrease the false positive rate of stochastic probability
      distribution tests. Fixes bug 29693; bugfix on

  o Minor bugfixes (Windows, CI):
    - Skip the Appveyor 32-bit Windows Server 2016 job, and 64-bit
      Windows Server 2012 R2 job. The remaining 2 jobs still provide
      coverage of 64/32-bit, and Windows Server 2016/2012 R2. Also set
      fast_finish, so failed jobs terminate the build immediately. Fixes
      bug 29601; bugfix on
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