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Re: Bandwidth hogging

Fail is a bit harsh, don't you think....

I agree that a nice QoS wraper would be desirable, but cross platform it
isn't maintainable, TOR runs on linux, *BSD, MacOS, Windows, and Solaris
looking through http://serifos.eecs.harvard.edu/cgi-bin/exit.pl (though the
lonely Solaris system comes and goes)

There's quite a number of things around the edges that would help, like web
caches on the exit nodes.  These however aren't central to TOR's continued
survival and are better left to interested third parties not drain core
resources, atleast not untill the system matures to a stable rather than
experimental level.

All that said, if you send me the info or a pointer to it off list I'll see
if it's somehting I can wrap my head around and make into a distributable