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Re: Bandwidth hogging

admin writes:

> A better solution would be the introduction of a QoS provision to tor
> itself. While this can not be done in tor by itself it is my feeling
> that a complimentary set of program/scripts should be part of a tor
> server installation that, in the end, provides for a lower priority
> processing of tor network request vs. other ones. This can be done
> with the appropriate marking of the tor packages and the appropriate
> iptables (in Linux) filter. I asked for a possible script for this and
> got a possible example from Martin Balvers. It turns out that the
> problem is a little more serious as it involves setting up the correct
> queues in the kernel (tc el al). All a bit above my skill and pay
> grade.

There's no way to handle this anywhere but where your TCP/IP stack
resides, i.e. the kernel. There is inherently no way to do this in a
cross-platform manner, and Tor is cross-platform and runs in userland.

Furthermore, there is no way we could set some default policy that would
work for everyone. Plenty of people dedicate entire machines to Tor;
others use Tor on machines running many applications.

Tor is not missing a feature, your skillset is. Read up on your
operating system's QoS and traffic shaping features. It's generally not
too hard.


et c.


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