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Bandwidth hogging

After some examination I find the tor daemon hogging the bandwidth to
the detriment of local users, including semi-real-time uses as VoIP
connections. While there is no surprise here it is clearly not the
intended use or desirable. The solution of lowering the bandwidth usage
by specifying the proper parameters in the config file is available;
it obviously is not ideal. It does a brute force reduction and as
such doe not make all _unused_ bandwidth available to the tor network.

A better solution would be the introduction of a QoS provision to tor
itself. While this can not be done in tor by itself it is my feeling
that a complimentary set of program/scripts should be part of a tor
server installation that, in the end, provides for a lower priority
processing of tor network request vs. other ones. This can be done
with the appropriate marking of the tor packages and the appropriate
iptables (in Linux) filter. I asked for a possible script for this
and got a possible example from Martin Balvers. It turns out that the
problem is a little more serious as it involves setting up the correct
queues in the kernel (tc el al). All a bit above my skill and pay grade.

I would suggest that the tor experiment is expected to fail or suffer
in its future implementations if these are not provided as part of
a standard installation. Any solutions? Regards, _manuel

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