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Re: Tor Exit Node Sponsorship - looking for partners

> A thought: Currently there is a "Donate!" section on torproject.org,
> that doesn't mention what the money is used for or how much money that
> comes in. 

If you look closely, at the bottom of the page a pie says what the money
is used for.
Basically, torproject donations are used for development. It might not
even be too good to have the same people run nodes. I think it's
important that development gets funded. The German Chaos Computer Club
and the German Privacy foundation, to name only two, also accept
donations towards running Tor nodes.

I have something different in mind than just accepting donations for
nodes. The node website could list its owners, with a small bio and why
they are doing it. And like I said you can use parts of the machine for
different purposes (VPN, Webserver, ...).

Martin Fick:
> Also, making donations possible from so sort of anonymous
> money system to directly support bandwidth might be an
> idea.

I first planned to offer a certain bandwidth push for one-time
donations, eg. 1Mbit/s for one month for 2 Euro. The system could be
automated to automatically update the Tor node configuration. Still,
this doesn't solve the problem that there is no hoster that supports to
buy small amounts of bandwidth for just one month. The only thing that
comes pretty close are cloud hosters like Amazon, but the bandwidth and
constant workload isn't very cheap.
What I can offer of course is to collect donations, until they can be
turned into a useful node. For example, anonymous/non-recurring
donations could be distributed evenly amongst the recurring payers
("node sponsors").

For torproject.org , I suggest to accept UKash, PaysafeCard, Liberty
Reserve and maybe another credit card processor (Paypal doesn't allow
prepaid and virtual CCs) in addition to privacy-unfriendly Paypal.

Moritz Bartl
GPG 0xED2E9B44
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