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Re: [tor-talk] memory cached pages should reload instantly-but DON'T

On 5/7/2013 8:41 PM, Tom Ritter wrote:
Hm, that's an tough question.  TBB doesn't modify the FF code very
much at all, and the patches are pretty lightweight - they're all
listed here: https://gitweb.torproject.org/torbrowser.git/tree/HEAD:/src/current-patches/firefox
although some of them do deal with caching.

The about:config settings are all listed here (AFAIK):
so I wonder if there's anything in there you might recognize as
causing a problem?

I'm afraid I'm not quite sure that the issue could be, these types of
bugs are pretty tricky to track down.  I did want to point you in the
right direction for maybe finding the culprit though.

Thanks - I'll check those out ASAP. Good while ago, I compared about:config of TBB & Fx - not lately. This could be some? design issue, a bug or something specific to my install. Though I've noticed it in several TBB versions. I don't extract a new version over top of old ones. I start w/ fresh profile, prefs.js, etc. What ever it is carries across versions. Tor is slow enough, but this makes it almost unbearable & I'm pretty sure it shouldn't be happening. I've GOT to find the answer.

Question for other Windows users: If you load *pages in TBB* w/ links (almost no graphics), click a link that opens on the SAME domain - in the SAME tab, if you hit Back after a few sec (where original page had virtually NO chance of changing, forcing a reload), does the original page (that should be in memory cache) reload *almost instantly* - or at least in < 2 or 3 sec - or does it take a while - *like 5, 10 or more sec?*

BTW, this isn't on https, where you may get a msg saying the browser will have to resend the request...

If I waited 5 - 15 min to go back in history to the original page, it might have changed & possibly force refreshing the page, but not in 10 - 30 sec. I see this repeatedly. If very few others see this, it must be something w/ my setup or system. Perhaps my AV (Kaspersky IS - 2013). But, AFAIK it wouldn't be scanning pages stored in RAM, just because they're reloaded.

HOWEVER, on same box, same AV, same browser (Fx 20) setting of using *ONLY Memory Cache*, hitting back button one page, happens *almost instantly.*

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