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Re: [tor-talk] [OT] rewriting a text

On 19.05.2013 01:29, Kvothe Tech wrote:
That sounds to me like you are trying to use writing in another
language as a way to say the same thing then putting it back into
English as a rewording now I really don't see how that would work
unless you on purpose broke your translator to give bad translations
to get different results

Right. Zebro kojos misunderstood my statement or follows the logic of some third party known to him. In my original post I implied that the human makes the effort of writing in a different language than uses the rigidity/stupidity of computer translators readily available for a rather standard/cliche output. So instead of following any circuit starting and ending in English, one would rather write in German than let Google blow the English. Meanind some words are still to be changed from German to English by the author, by hand.
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