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Re: [tor-talk] Satori (this crazy app thing I've been working on)

Griffin Boyce:
> Patrick Schleizer wrote:
>> terrific project! Especially the integrated hash verification is a big
>> security gain!
>> Is a port to firefox planned?
>> Do you take project suggestions?
>> I'd be interested to see Whonix added.
> [...]
>   Large projects like Whonix and Tails won't be added just due to their
> shear size.  SSL is throttled pretty heavily in certain locales, so it
> seems likely that the request would time out for those who need it most.

Too large as in download time or your traffic bills?

Sure, I can imagine you don't want to pay the amazon aws traffic bill.

Satori could download from http://mirror.whonix.de. It's not SSL. But
also not censored yet to my knowledge. For now, I would be mostly
interested in the automatic hash verification.

And later, when censored, would you mind adding third party amazon aws
links? [Bought and payed by Whonix project.] When someone else foots the
amazon aws bill, does size still matter?


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