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Re: [tor-talk] Satori (this crazy app thing I've been working on)

Patrick Schleizer wrote:
Too large as in download time or your traffic bills?
Sure, I can imagine you don't want to pay the amazon aws traffic bill.

Download time.

Satori could download from http://mirror.whonix.de. It's not SSL. But
also not censored yet to my knowledge. For now, I would be mostly
interested in the automatic hash verification.

That doesn't quite work out.  I would not include something that I
didn't think would bypass filters long-term and *certainly* wouldn't
include something so easy to tamper with.  And due to the slowness of
testers' connection speeds, I wouldn't include something so large.

And the hash verification is manual, but aided by an included hash
generator.  I feel like downloading Whonix or Tails over Tor is a much
better option tbh.  Files this large would be great for torrents, but as
mentioned earlier, I'm not quite sure how the threat model shakes out.

When someone else foots the amazon aws bill, does size still matter?

It does, in fact. I originally wanted to include Tails, but early
testing showed that downloading it was improbable.  Not to belabor the
point, but you can see on github where I removed the Tails section
entirely a week ago [1].

Not everything is about money, y'know? =/



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