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Re: Hacker strikes through student's router

[sarcasm begins]

What do you think? As you probably know, before we started working on
Tor, there was almost no such thing as computer crime or abuse.
Everybody could be easily tracked down by their IP addresses, so
anybody who tried to get away with naughtiness had to deal with their
ISP and their local police almost immediately.

There was practically no fraud, no defacement, no flooding, no abuse,
no illicit access, no data theft, no harassment, no fraud, no nothing.

[sarcasm ends]

so glad you tagged your sarcasm, I don't think I would have picked up on it :(

I don't think these are "impossible questions"; I think they're
answerable with a little thought, a little history, and a little
technical knowledge.

As to knowing what the likely disruption to people would be if Tor didn't exist, I am not sure just thinking about it could answer this question, which is probably why I alluded to the question's impossibility.

as to history and technical knowledge, I am aware of freely available anonymous proxy lists that people can bounce through, or even their own compromised network of machines, however I guess I meant the ease of which a Tor client is installed and ready to use - it is the beauty of Tor that with such ease comes an extremely powerful method of hiding. An average user of computers will have no problem using Tor, however they might have a harder task tracking down open proxies and/or compromised hosts. This is what I meant by causing disruption.

thanks for being condescending though, really helpful and encouraging.