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still slow browsing

I have already written about this but now it's red light ... i badly
want to keep my tor node otherways  i would have already removed the tor
server but i cannot get on like this.I recently also had from my isp a
bandwidth upgrade to  2MB(they say ... it's TIM!)and i still suffer of
slow browsing .I also just using the or port and commented the dir port
and added this in my /etc/tor/torrc

> BandwidthRate 20KB
> BandwidthBurst 20KB

The minimum possible , isn't?
I'm actually trying this guide

> http://wiki.noreply.org/noreply/TheOnionRouter/CronBandwidthLimit

And i'm going to wait for a minimal iptables script that is going to
deal with this problem .Yes you got it! i'm waiting this script from you
, it's 2 mounthes i'm trying out but i don't know how to do it properly
and you saw my previous posts i tryied it.Sorry guys i hope you
collaborate otherways i will be forced to close the node ... i don't
want to but help help help !