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Re: all traffic through a VPN on top of tor, done!

I don't really know. I think that you really don't want to be your own
"anonymizer", unless you control computer all over the world. It seems
you are just trying to shorten the circuit.

For this kind of use (VPN) you are connecting to a server you implicitly
trust, since you control it. You don't really need strong anonymity, one
single encrypted hop would be enough. 
Any malicious node has only one way of attacking you: be the man in the
middle and try to get your ssh key. But ssh comes with protections
against it and, with a simple precaution, even a malicious node it's ok,
if it routes your traffic.

I already picked up a "near" and fast entry node but it did not really
I would just like to shorten the circuit, but it seems there is no
option for doing that. I hope they change their mind and put one, maybe
limited to 3 hops, so that it can't be used to over saturate the

Il giorno ven, 13/11/2009 alle 01.17 +0000, John Case ha scritto:
> and use them as a pool to build at least two out of three hops 
> with ?  That way you're getting high speed, but you "trust" the
> overall 
> circuit because you know that at least 2/3 of your circuit is not 
> malevolant.
> I asked this question a month or so ago and did not see any answers -
> if 
> one _did_ build a small (10 or so nodes) network of tor relays and
> used 
> them as 1/3 or 2 

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