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Re: [tor-talk] Operation Onymous against hidden services, most DarkNet markets are down

On Fri, 7 Nov 2014 19:38:21 +0100
Ãyvind Saether <oyvinds@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> > 	That is possible, but I'm not sure I'm fully following.
> > Suppose that some "off line" dealer has his phone tapped, and then
> > he starts selling through a market like silk road. What of it?
> > Why would that lead in any way to finding out who the hidden
> > 	service's owner/admin is?  The hidden service's owner isn't
> > 	going to talk on the phone with the dealers who use his
> > site. That is not his 'business model'.
> Keep this quote in mind when you consider those idiotic "they must
> have found out that you were running a hidden service by tapping your
> phone because you were running a hidden service" circular arguments by
> obvious cointelpro:

	Yes, that's more or less what I got from John's message, but I
	don't mind giving him the benefit of the doubt and reading some
	sort of clarification of his first post...

> âThis is something we want to keep for ourselves,â he said. âThe way
> we do this, we canât share with the whole world, because we want to
> do it again and again and again.â

	Well, the criminal organization known as "US government" pretty
	much acknowledges that their 'justice'  system is based on
	secret trials. 

	Again : 



	"DEA and NSA Team Up to Share Intelligence, Leading to Secret Use of
Surveillance in Ordinary Investigations" 


> http://www.wired.com/2014/11/operation-onymous-dark-web-arrests/

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