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Re: A Server-oriented Incognito?

On Thursday 18 October 2007, Marco Bonetti wrote:
> > Is that a problem for security or anonymity?
> both, I think: if a malicious user can exploit the extension he surely can
> break your anonimity

True. I wonder what the risks there are, running any executable? Triggering 
something bad in gpg, but I think that would happen regardless of how well 
FireGPG calls gpg.

> > Incognito is not using Windows
> ok, THAT was clear :D
> I pointed it out as a side note to highlight FireGPG still early
> development stage

Yeah, I waited for quite a while before even looking at it. I did not see a 
release yet so I took a closer look and it seemed OK. I am putting a specific 
version from SVN so nothing gets put in unexpected.

Pat Double, pat@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
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