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Re: Spam over Tor

On Fri, Oct 26, 2007 at 11:20:01AM CEST, Paul Syverson wrote:

> I disagree with that. There still has been no spam over Tor in the
> scenario you described. Rather someone has logged into a system over
> Tor and used _that_ system to send spam. I'm not saying Tor would not
> have been used in any way by the person in this scenario. I am saying
> that no spam was sent over Tor in what you described. You could also
> claim by your logic to have shown that the statement that there is no
> spam over HTTPS is history.

Following your argument: even if someone would use Tor to send Spam via
SMTP you could say it was not "Spam over Tor", since he used a mail
relay to send the Spam. Still, using SMTP it would be generally
considered "Spam over Tor".

-- Lexi

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