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Re: [tor-talk] Hidden Services - Access control.

On 10/3/14, LluÃs <msl12@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> I understand that for "clients" you mean client processes as:
> apache, httpd, etc.
> Right ?
> If that so, which is the point on specifying policies as
> "reject" ???

by clients i typically mean Tor Browser, users behind Transparent Tor
Proxy, etc.

by hidden service i mean entries in Tor config that map hidden service
addresses to hidden services.


said another way,

clients access Tor via SocksPort, or TransPort, or ...

Tor routes connections to hidden services as per configuration.

these are different things; and SocksPort is not needed to "serve
hidden services"

if this doesn't make sense, perhaps someone with better explanatory
powers can assist...

best regards,
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