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Re: [tor-talk] Tor

On Sun, 18 Oct 2015 07:16:47 -0700
amuse <tor-amuse@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Also please create tor-toughtalk@ so people have a place to go be
> needlessly abusive and not have to justify their abuse with facts.
> Thx.

LOL, I love that idea! 

Sorry everybody, I should know better to feed the pidgeons. FWIW
though, this one made me chuckle. Audible, real-life, endorphine
releasing chuckle.  =D

In the spirit of the original question/complaint/troll, and to reiterate
my points (which I felt were made rather gentlemanly, if I do say so
myself), you can call Tor a lot of things, but a scam is simply not
true. Scam is, by definition, not a accurate assessment of the Tor
project, onion routing, and generally anything produced by the talented
folks who DONATE their time to the project.

So by extension and assumption, I feel comfortable with my overall
comprehension of your (again, directed to the OP) messages. I call your
concise and meaningful and raise you logic. And, I'm all in! 

As for taking you for an idiot, of course not. I stopped interacting
with uninteresting people years ago... well anyways, I'm in it for the
meat, if there is any. Plus, you made me chuckle. 

Facing inadequecies in projects head on with open minds is one of the
many reasons open source software and the communities behind them are
so important. 

> On 10/18/15 1:05 AM, Virgil Griffith wrote:
> > I re-iterate a request for the tor-opentalk@ list.
> > 
> > -V
> > 
> > On Sun, Oct 18, 2015 at 2:58 PM Josef Stautner <hello@xxxxxxxxxxx>
> > wrote:
> > 
> >> Hello Juan,
> >>
> >> I can't understand why you subscribe to a list of "scammers" then.
> >> You escalated very quickly and showed a rude attitude most people
> >> can't stand and normally silently ignore and laugh about. And I
> >> think that's why nobody answered your mails.
> >>
> >> But I'm interested in you opinion why you think Tor is "scam" to
> >> you. For me Tor itself is really helpfull to escape censorship.
> >> And because it's free and easy to use script kiddies use the
> >> network to brute force WordPress logins and other nasty stuff. Of
> >> course that's stupid but something like that can easily be fixed
> >> by setting up proper security settings.
> >> And then there are cases like encrypting you computer and force
> >> you to pay bitcoins to a hidden service etc. But just because they
> >> use Tor for that doesn't mean that the whole network ist just for
> >> scam and malicious activity.
> >>
> >> If you are able to discuss on a polite level we can also discuss
> >> about your opinion.
> >>
> >> ~Josef
> >>

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