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Re: Limiting possible last hops

On Wed, Sep 01, 2004 at 02:33:26PM -0400, Geoffrey Lewis Goodell wrote:
> Note that Google, for example, uses DNS in such a manner to ensure that
> the actual host you are using is a function of your location in the
> network.  One problem I can imagine is that perhaps you would like a way
> to tag packets to indicate that some of them want to use the constrained
> set of egress points while others do not, and that it would be nice if
> you could do this without restarting the server or changing the state of
> the tor node.  What do people think of the idea that egress point
> constraints could be metadata associated with the packets as they
> traverse the Tor network?

No need to annotate the data on the tor network; each user's client
software chooses exit points on its own, so you could just have the
user tell the client "for request to this location, use one of these
routers".  This could easily go into the client config file, for

Automatic location affinity would be even cooler, if we could do it;
see http://freehaven.net/doc/routing-zones/routing-zones.ps .

>                            Also, what do people think of the idea that
> special DNS names could be used to impose such constraints, like using
> "www.google.com.[exitnodeconstraint].constraint" for the hostname of
> hosts that you want to reach via a certain constrained set of ExitNodes?

Possibly; I'm not as sure that this is what you really want.  Why not
just do it at the configuration level?

Nick Mathewson
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