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Re: Like to run TOR-Node

Am Freitag, den 14.09.2007, 15:36 +0200 schrieb Benjamin Schieder:

> You're the law student, you tell us :-)

Well no, im just a student, now a lawyer ;-)
Thats why I sent this mail to ask for experiences.

> But I agree that it can be extended to Tor/Open Proxies, even 'knowingly'
> running vulnerable software that allows people to send spam over your
> SMTP server. Basically, it can be extended to say: You may not have any
> service running on your server.
> And that's where I think the argumentation is void.

Of course, you are right in that case. But otherwise: Do you really
believe they are writing this for people who let other anonymous people
use there shell? I have a little doubt ...

> In the end, it's a matter of interpretion.

Of course, that will probably be my job the rest of my live ;-)

"Falls Freiheit überhaupt etwas bedeutet, dann bedeutet sie das Recht
darauf, den Leuten das zu sagen, was sie nicht hören wollen." 
- George Orwell, aus dem Nachwort zu "Animal Farm", 1945 -

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