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Re: Like to run TOR-Node

The only way to determine the integrity of their policy or claims is to contest it.

There are many options to where you implement such a system, but if you can control the logistics of your implementation it gives you a very good entry point into your profession ;)

However, the basis of TOR is a known set of authorized entities, the receipt of the DHT by definition (including liability) by the machine under your control makes the said list a known and authorized set. This could imply that authority is also liable for transactions on other nodes by conspiracy or intent to associate, but also provides a weakened vulnerability to logistic attacks from those claiming your access model (known nodes and REGISTERED machines) is open or loose.

Your best option, in any case, is to test it! (maximal loss is 1 month service fee?)


On 9/14/07, Ricky Fitz <calypso@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Am Freitag, den 14.09.2007, 15:36 +0200 schrieb Benjamin Schieder:

> You're the law student, you tell us :-)

Well no, im just a student, now a lawyer ;-)
Thats why I sent this mail to ask for experiences.

> But I agree that it can be extended to Tor/Open Proxies, even 'knowingly'
> running vulnerable software that allows people to send spam over your
> SMTP server. Basically, it can be extended to say: You may not have any
> service running on your server.
> And that's where I think the argumentation is void.

Of course, you are right in that case. But otherwise: Do you really
believe they are writing this for people who let other anonymous people
use there shell? I have a little doubt ...

> In the end, it's a matter of interpretion.

Of course, that will probably be my job the rest of my live ;-)

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