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Re: Like to run TOR-Node

Truthfully, you might be better served in a predictive-analysis model test...

Set up machines at diverse ISPs that are well connected to eachother, set up VPN streams between external entry point nodes and these various core distributors. Max out your available connections between known and "worthy" nodes and disallow any other traffic. Make the stats and some flow modeling numbers public in realtime, but disallow models of traffic per each vpn link. Connect the endpoints (possibly 2 units per server farm) to the core router box at each physical facility, and allow transparent disposal of problematic perimeter nodes.

Basicly set yourself up a 50$/month total vps server array at various locations, configure all of them to talk to eachother, beit vpn restricted or open, and connect to them various entry and exit point nodes.

By the technical definition, your internal nodes talking to eachother should not be liable, only the publicly accessable units, which exist already and will connect to the perimeter.

This abstracts the system from the user and endpoint quite easily, and provides the best operations using an environmental restriction rather than relying on the open software...

A good comparison is the various irc networks, where core is protected and leaf nodes are open to public and failover.

Your total experiment cost should be a small ammount per vps on each machine, some of the hosted accounts also allow deamons when registered, it is unfortionate tor never built the via-protocol cyphering methods that other projects have used, it could allow your system to look like any indistinct distributed network.

10$/machine, 20$ per core a month at most... a simple effort to set up 2 hosted and a vps core at an isp per individual would double for their purposes yet facilitate the network integrity modeling that is needed currently.

There were a number of other mixer and distributed p2p portaling systems, along with a few very good protocol tunneling capabilities... i wonder where these have all gone???

There is also php and perl capability to call external http requests active on most servers now that is required for the blog/rss/etc cross linking, easily serves as a mixer/tor node without much effort... 2-4$/month each, unlimited bw

On 9/14/07, Jens Kubieziel <maillist@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
* Eugen Leitl schrieb am 2007-09-14 um 21:20 Uhr:
> Assuming a 10 MByte/s throughput, you'll burn some 27 TBytes/month,
> which would run down to about 2.7 kEUR/month burn rate. Even if

IMHO Hetzner would pay less than 300 Euro per month for this amount of
traffic (or better for the throughput). So the loss isn't as high as you
may think.

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