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Re: Like to run TOR-Node

On Fri, Sep 14, 2007 at 07:37:00PM +0200, TOR Admin (gpfTOR1) wrote:
> The ISP "1blu" offers a vserver, which may be used for a TOR node.
> I read a message about a running TOR node without any error on a 1blu
> vserver. It offers more traffic ;-)

From the ISP's point of view, there is every motivation to get rid
of a customer causing a massive loss. I don't know what they pay for
traffic, but Hetzner rack colo asks for 0.10 EUR/GByte, and I assume
(on no evidence whatsoever) that they're not making a lot on traffic.

Assuming a 10 MByte/s throughput, you'll burn some 27 TBytes/month,
which would run down to about 2.7 kEUR/month burn rate. Even if
it's a fraction of that, that's a lot of money to lose on a single
customer, if the margins are paper-thin (and they probably are). 

So if they're not suggesting strongly that you do not prolong 
your contract (or throttle you into the ground, as happened with
my last East-German provider who sold a so-called flat rate
server, which strangely, conveniently went offline after I had
my little interview with the local cops -- who, I should hasten
to add, were very nice and professional about the entire thing), 
they're either extremely honorable about their contracts, 
or maybe somebody has asked them (nicely, or otherwise) to keep 
that thing running. For whatever reasons.

Just sayin'.

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