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Re: Load Balancing

> - privoxy will use new streams on the same circuit for each of the images
> - polipo will generally pipeline everything over the same stream

Not quite.  Polipo will try to use up to n simultaneous connections to
a given server, where n is

  - 2 for a server that can do pipelining;
  - 4 for a server that can do persistent requests but not pipelining;
  - 8 for a server that cannot do persistent requests.

These magic constants are configurable.

Ideally, Polipo should choose the number of simultaneous connections
depending on an estimate of average queue length, but I haven't
thought about it seriously yet.

> I believe this results in a perceptible performance improvement for general 
> browsing.

I think so too, but some people disagree.  Since I don't want to get
into this discussion again, I refer you to the following friendly flamewar.
(Note that while the tone was not always as polite as it should have
been, Fabian and I live in good friendship and mutual respect.)


Fabian Keil:


Me clarifying:

You may also find this paper interesting: