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Re: Library Defeats Tor

mark485anderson@xxxxxx wrote:
> Then after agreeing to the TOS, you are able to connect to tor servers,
> but all dns requests go through a library computer IP, such that they
> can see and record where you are going. I am not sure if they can see
> the TCP content, but the UDP (which I assume is the dns lookups are all
> being monitored and probably logged by the library server through which
> you are connected. Firewall logs clearly show the outgoing and incoming
> DNS packets to the library IP. Rest of connections to Tor servers in the
> firewall log appear normal.
Make sure to run DNS queries over tor if anonymity is important.
> I have not run a sniffer yet on this, because my laptop is old and it
> might not be able to handle it. But tor anonymity is obviously shot when
> connecting to their wifi nodes. I believe I tried to block the DNS
> lookups to the Library IP with privoxy generic block rules and then I\
Using socks-4a should fix this.
> could not load any web pages, indicating again that the dns requests are
> first being routed to the library machine, where they are, of course,
> logged (and maybe sent off to the FBI, if your reading muslim materials,
> haha).
Now are these DNS requests for sites you are browsing? It sounds like
that is the case, but I just want to make sure.
Watson ladd

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