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Re: Advanced traffic shaping with iptables?

Thanks a lot for spending some time to edit this script. It seems to work now, but at first I was bit confused. The script told me "Outbound shaping added to ppp0. Rate for Tor upload at least: 12Kbyte/sec.", but with this option, the hole internet traffic broke down. The script it self measures in kbit, not kbyte, right? So I changed the minimum tor traffic from 12 to 96 and the maximum from 48 to 384. Can you tell me a programm with which I could monitor the bandwidth usage of tor only, so I could be sure, that it isn't a Placebo effect. PS: My first test with sending a file over VPN to a friend, he could download the file with ~10kbyte/s without the script and with the script he downloaded with 24kbyte/s (only have of my Internet connection). But iptraf on the mini-router and tor-server told me, that I was sending ~32kbyte/s over the local connection. So I'm not sure, if it works or not. Maybe, the missing bandwidth is protocol-related. Maybe you can tell me a way to get some proof, if it works.

And finally the output of the status option:
(Does it matter, that it tells me 'Cannot find device "imq0"'?)
linux:~ # /etc/init.d/tor-traffic-shaper.sh status
qdisc pfifo 21: limit 4p
 Sent 44097690 bytes 52891 pkts (dropped 16134, overlimits 0)
qdisc pfifo 20: limit 4p
 Sent 8461095 bytes 13581 pkts (dropped 541, overlimits 0)
qdisc htb 1: r2q 10 default 20 direct_packets_stat 15
 Sent 52576092 bytes 66492 pkts (dropped 16675, overlimits 84398)
Cannot find device "imq0"
class htb 1:1 root rate 384Kbit ceil 384Kbit burst 2090b cburst 2090b
 Sent 52563365 bytes 66477 pkts (dropped 0, overlimits 0)
 rate 47696bps 60pps
 lended: 35298 borrowed: 0 giants: 0
 tokens: -27932 ctokens: -27932

class htb 1:20 parent 1:1 leaf 20: prio 0 rate 288Kbit ceil 384Kbit burst 1967b cburst 2090b
 Sent 8465675 bytes 13586 pkts (dropped 541, overlimits 0)
 rate 1294bps 5pps
 lended: 13544 borrowed: 42 giants: 0
 tokens: 47334 ctokens: 38062

class htb 1:21 parent 1:1 leaf 21: prio 7 rate 96Kbit ceil 384Kbit burst 1721b cburst 2090b
 Sent 44097690 bytes 52891 pkts (dropped 16134, overlimits 0)
 rate 46120bps 58pps
 lended: 17635 borrowed: 35256 giants: 0
 tokens: -133549 ctokens: -27932

Cannot find device "imq0"
filter parent 1: protocol ip pref 49151 fw
filter parent 1: protocol ip pref 49151 fw handle 0x15 classid 1:21
filter parent 1: protocol ip pref 49152 fw
filter parent 1: protocol ip pref 49152 fw handle 0x14 classid 1:20
Cannot find device "imq0"
Chain TORSHAPER-OUT (1 references)
pkts bytes target prot opt in out source destination 69036 57524526 MARK all -- any any anywhere anywhere OWNER UID match tor MARK set 0x15 13469 8903579 MARK all -- any any anywhere anywhere MARK match 0x0 MARK set 0x14
Greetings, Linus