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Re: I break the silence: My arrest

On 07:41:12 2007-09-16 Martin Senftleben <DrMartinus@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Am Sonntag, 16. September 2007 02:19 schrieb Alexander W. Janssen:
> > On 9/16/07, Ringo Kamens <2600denver@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> > > If you set up a paypal account I would be willing to donate on a
> > > case-by-case basis (in this case, it would be to help with your
> > > legal fees). I think even if you don't need help with legal fees
> > > by receiving donations from all across the world it sends the
> > > message to German authorities that harassing and attacking tor
> > > node operators is not acceptable. Also, being able to mail in
> > > money would also be nice ; )
> >
> > Well. There's an EFF Europe now and it has a coordinator, Erik
> > Josefsson, who's in cahrge with it. Maybe we should contact him and
> > let all the funds ran over the european EFF?
> >
> > Erik, you're listening? Is there any possiblity to create a legal
> > fund?
> >
> > (Problem is: At leat german organisations can't accept donations
> > tax-free from foreign countries. Also I'd like to see someone
> > official in charge rather than some person - like me, who is pretty
> > much unkown and not trustworthy when it comes to money.)
> I (a German) am particularly reluctant to use PayPal. Recently, c't (a  
> German computer magazine) published a series of incidents which  
> shattered my faith in PayPal completely. Further, PayPal informs the  
> police willingly about movements at their end - also abroad. Even  
> though I have an account with PayPal in Germany, US-police obviously  
> could obtain information from PayPal about me.  
> Besides, small submissions (like 1 US$) swallow high fees, that  
> doesn't make much sense.

I avoid paypal myself for a long time... Just heard to many bad things
about it...

There is a british based site:


Their privacy policy seems to be better in general...

> association (eingetragener Verein) would be protected against legal  
> prosecution. The association could act as contract partners with the  
> ISPs, and as that run Tor nodes which are managed by its members.  


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