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Re: I break the silence: My arrest

Am Sonntag, 16. September 2007 07:41 schrieb Martin Senftleben:


can you please give some more info about that? I am just thinkinking about 
becoming member of a association and let my two tor nodes register as from 
that association. I have the luck that my home was not yet searched by any 
technical incompetent police, but who knows...

What about the "Humanistische Union"? Do they have tor nodes? Is there anybody 
of them in this thread? Would like to hear if the HU is interested of gettimg 
members with tor nodes as entrance gift.

What I definitely NOT like is giving up my help for the tor project. In times 
like these modern inquisition we have to resist, but have to find ways to 
protect ourselves.

> I am currently into registering an association that was founded more 
> than a hundred years ago - that is quite some work, but manageable. 
> I find the thought to found an association quite intriguing, 
> particularly for Germany, where the members of a registered 
> association (eingetragener Verein) would be protected against legal 
> prosecution. The association could act as contract partners with the 
> ISPs, and as that run Tor nodes which are managed by its members. 
> BTW, one such node has just been set up which is legally registered 
> with an association in Germany and run by a previous Tor-node admin 
> who has also been harassed by the police. But I don't think they will 
> be setting up more nodes.
> Martin

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