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Re: I break the silence: My arrest

On 9/16/07, Ringo Kamens <2600denver@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> If you set up a paypal account I would be willing to donate on a
> case-by-case basis (in this case, it would be to help with your legal
> fees). I think even if you don't need help with legal fees by
> receiving donations from all across the world it sends the message to
> German authorities that harassing and attacking tor node operators is
> not acceptable. Also, being able to mail in money would also be nice ;
> )

Well. There's an EFF Europe now and it has a coordinator, Erik
Josefsson, who's in cahrge with it. Maybe we should contact him and
let all the funds ran over the european EFF?

Erik, you're listening? Is there any possiblity to create a legal fund?

(Problem is: At leat german organisations can't accept donations
tax-free from foreign countries. Also I'd like to see someone official
in charge rather than some person - like me, who is pretty much unkown
and not trustworthy when it comes to money.)

> Comrade Ringo Kamens


"I am tired of all this sort of thing called science here... We have spent
millions in that sort of thing for the last few years, and it is time it
should be stopped."
 -- Simon Cameron, U.S. Senator, on the Smithsonian Institution, 1901.