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Re: [tor-talk] development interests

On Thu, Sep 26, 2013 at 08:32:39AM -0400, David Green wrote:

> Red Hat or Centos and or Debian; yes they do and have appealed, alas I have
> a perfectly good and secure OS X Tiger -- which I have no reason to
> upgrade... <SCREECH> Oops, I have wasted time defending myself before, so I
> will not.

Hey, I have an idling G4 with 10.5 on it as well which I used to
run standalone Tor on. Need to figure out whether the source
still builds.

You might find this link useful if you want to start Tor on boot automatically
> No, I wish to do this predominately myself (with some pointers and advice),
> I am not looking to stop others climate modelling or genetic interference
> stuff.
> Thanks again for the advice, scarp.
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