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Re: [tor-talk] development interests

On Thu, Sep 26, 2013 at 10:29:14AM -0400, David Green wrote:

> Upgrading to Leopard (10.5) has always been an option for myself, but I
> invariably find, with minor work, upgrading is never required -- and yes,
> IMHO, I have never been insecure or threatened in any IT way.

I run the system headless just for server (fax, mail, etc)
purposes, and I doubt Tor itself gives extra attack surface
to be remotely exploited. Putting into DMZ would be a good
idea, so at least the soft white underbelly of your LAN
doesn't get clawed.

Arguably, some systems considered obscure today
(Alpha, SPARC, PowerPC) add additional work for the
adversary, though no doubt the spooks have enough
exploit/shellcode libraries for such "obsolete" systems.
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