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Re: Miscellaneous stuff

Bjarke Hammersholt Roune wrote:

>When exactly do we query the basic DirEntry attributes?

ppf(L)Stat (), ppfReadDir ()

>If its only in a place where we use those attributes to build a ppFILE or

ppFILE is built by File::Open ()
ppfDIR doen't need that info directly
ppfDirEntry is built using it

>ppfDIR, I think perhaps it would be more appropiate to place that
>functionality in DirEntry, so that Directory and File can themsleves build
>respectively ppfDIRs and ppFILEs.

Good idea. A
virtual bool DirEntry::Stat (ppfDirEntry &dire)
method would be good.

>> Same method (ToPlain):
>> 	/* Right now the parsing is still valid, but later versions have to
>> 	 * set is_parsed to false here */
>> 	// FIX: why that? (Bjarke)
>> is_parsed marks whether the part_count, part_start[] etc fields are valid.
>> But native paths aren't neccessarily parsed (because they're only given to
>> stdio anyway, which doesn't use that info). I'll take care of that.
>The thing is, atleast for dossification, converting to plain does not break
>the parsing, so when returning to a virtual path, there is no reason to do
>the job again.

Depends. See my note in some other mail about paths containing several
consecutive slashes. If DOS can handle multiple consecutive backslashes
you're right. Otherwise the string length will change and with it all the

>> Somehow, yes. You and Peter need to get together to make the project files
>> cover the *entire* libpenguinplay, i.e. PenguinFile *and* the generics
>> *and* PenguinSound.
>That's very easy. MSVC has two ways to divide source files: projects and
>workspaces. A project is a collection of included files and instructions on
>what to do with those files. A workspace is a collection of projects and
>information on their dependencies. Its quite flexible, and very very easy.
>What would work best, I guess, is to have a project file for PFile in the
>PFile directory, a project file for PSound in the PSound directory and a
>workspace file that includes both of these project files in /src.

So that's the way to go.


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