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Re: Miscellaneous stuff

> >> Same method (ToPlain):
> >> 	/* Right now the parsing is still valid, but later versions have to
> >> 	 * set is_parsed to false here */
> >>
> >> 	// FIX: why that? (Bjarke)
> >>
> >> is_parsed marks whether the part_count, part_start[] etc
> fields are valid.
> >> But native paths aren't neccessarily parsed (because they're
> only given to
> >> stdio anyway, which doesn't use that info). I'll take care of that.
> >>
> >The thing is, atleast for dossification, converting to plain
> does not break
> >the parsing, so when returning to a virtual path, there is no
> reason to do
> >the job again.
> Depends. See my note in some other mail about paths containing several
> consecutive slashes. If DOS can handle multiple consecutive backslashes
> you're right. Otherwise the string length will change and with it all the
> positions.
Dos can handle several consecutive backslashes. Only thing it can't handle
is a leading backslash.

> >> Somehow, yes. You and Peter need to get together to make the
> project files
> >> cover the *entire* libpenguinplay, i.e. PenguinFile *and* the generics
> >> *and* PenguinSound.
> >>
> >That's very easy. MSVC has two ways to divide source files: projects and
> >workspaces. A project is a collection of included files and
> instructions on
> >what to do with those files. A workspace is a collection of projects and
> >information on their dependencies. Its quite flexible, and very
> very easy.
> >What would work best, I guess, is to have a project file for PFile in the
> >PFile directory, a project file for PSound in the PSound directory and a
> >workspace file that includes both of these project files in /src.
> So that's the way to go.