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[pygame] is pygame right for my application?


I'd like to have suggestions as to whether pygame is right for my

I'm writing a simulator for a table top wargame. The logical side is
easy; roll dice, compare against value, look up in table etc.

I have to make a 2D environment simulating the table top in which
units (battalions/squadrons) are placed.

I need to calculate things like enemy units in front of a unit (for
firing and threats), supporting units in flank (side) or rear. So, a
lot of 2D calculations.

Can pygame help me with my 2D calculations and world representation or
is that outside the scope of pygame?

A visual interface is pretty much essential. Can pygame work through a
web browser? i.e. use the browser as an output device? I might
eventually want to turn my application into a server based multi user
game working through browsers.