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Re: [pygame] freetype merge and the Spectacularly Adequate Automated Pygame Build Page Re: [pygame] Documentation changes in trunk

Hi Brian, Vicent,

The freetype2 library is already a part of the prebuilts as a separate dll for use by SDL_tff. What is missing from the prebuilts are the headers. When I add those the module compiles and passes its unit tests for Python 2.5. I will put together a zip file for Python 2.5 to include freetype2 and ffmpeg in the prebuilts.


Brian Fisher wrote:
In terms of getting the build bots building,

For windows, all dependencies the build bot uses need to be included in pygame's prebuilt dependencies package for both visual c runtimes, and when there is an updated prebuilt dependencies package, I'll copy it over so the windows buildbots will use it.

For Mac OS X, dependencies need to be hand installed on the build bot, so I need to know what packages those are (if there are no packages, it's fine just to know what place the python build script will look for them)

For some background and pygame Mac OS X and windows packages...

good software deployment on OS X and windows is not like good software deployment on ubuntu or any other linux flavor.

On windows there is no package management whatsover, and on Mac OS X there is no package management which is practical for anything but a minority of users. So when it comes to pygame's binary (i.e. not python) dependencies, those things need to be either statically linked (as portmidi, jpeglib and some others are on mac) or need to be bundled with the distribution package (as SDL is on both platforms and most other dll's are on windows)

Also, it can be very difficult and error prone to try and find or build the windows dependencies with pygame, and traditionally getting together the prebuilts was a major obstacle for windows users to build pygame themselves (building the dependencies is way way more complicated than building pygame), which is why there has almost always been official packages of the prebuilt dependencies for windows. I personally consider having such a package put together for the new pygame version to be something that has to happen before a new version can be released.

Finally, when it comes to developing the build scripts, pygame developers should take special care to make sure neither the os x nor the windows setup.py scripts ever put together an install package that requires any runtime dependencies that aren't a standard part of the OS distribution to be separately installed.