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Re: [pygame] Picking monitor...

On Fri, Aug 28, 2009 at 8:43 AM, Gene Buckle <geneb@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Thanks James.  Not exactly the news I was hoping for. :(  I'm working on a glass cockpit display called RJGlass that's written in Python and uses both pygame and PyOpenGL.  I'm going to use it in a cockpit project I'm working on, but I need to make it run on a 7" LCD panel I've got connected to a USB VGA adapter.

Is there a bleeding-edge version of pygame that is available and uses the SDL 1.3 libraries?  I don't know if it matters, but I'm using Windows for this.

There is no bleeding edge version of pygame I'm aware of, but since you are doing a specialised app for a single platform, you might be able to hack something together using the environment variable:

you set it to a string of the form "x,y" before calling pygame.display.init or pygame.init in order to say where you want the window created, and depending on how your second monitor is configured, you may be able to position the window to start on the second monitor, which *may* cause fullscreen mode to keep to that monitor (but probably not)

another option would be to make your small monitor primary in windows

another is to not use windows fullscreen at all (note that pyglet which was suggested doesn't use windows fullscreen for it's fullscreen, it instead makes a window covering the whole screen). You can probably do that same thing in pygame with a combination of the SDL_VIDEO_WINDOW_POS
environment variable, your window's size, and some init flags to  make your screen frame-less.