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Re: [pygame] pythonpoint pre^10-alpha 2 available

> > display.toggle_fullscreen()
> > 
> > this call only works on linux, and has no effect
> > on windows platforms. 
> Out of curiosity, why is this?  
> Wouldn't it be better if display.toggle_fullscreen() didn't exist
> at all, or if it was implemented under Windows by calling
> display.set_mode() with the same flags it was last called with
> but with FULLSCREEN flag toggled?

SDL only supports the toggle_fullscreen on linux. as far as
i know, no other SDL video device can perform this call.
perhaps it should just be removed from pygame?

i think one main reason is that windows will munge all its
surfaces when switching between windowed and fullscreen.
but i would think that only effects HWSURFACEs.

anyways, its a linux only call. i wasn't planning to put it
into pygame, but heard somewhere there are some benefits to
calling this over calling set_mode() with different flags
(of course, those reasons all escape me at the moment)

the options here are:

let toggle_fullscreen() fail silently like it currently does
(not to good really)

have toggle_fullscreen() raise an exception on failure
(better, at least)

get rid of toggle_fullscreen() all together.
(too drastic?)

i'd lean towards getting rid of it, but will change it to
raising an exception if people can remember the reason why
it is useful/unreplaceable.

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