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Re: [pygame] pythonpoint pre^10-alpha 2 available

On Thu, 21 Jun 2001, Pete Shinners wrote:

>> > display.toggle_fullscreen()
>> > 
>> > this call only works on linux, and has no effect
>> > on windows platforms. 
>> Out of curiosity, why is this?  
>> Wouldn't it be better if display.toggle_fullscreen() didn't exist
>> at all, or if it was implemented under Windows by calling
>> display.set_mode() with the same flags it was last called with
>> but with FULLSCREEN flag toggled?
>SDL only supports the toggle_fullscreen on linux. as far as
>i know, no other SDL video device can perform this call.
>perhaps it should just be removed from pygame?
>i think one main reason is that windows will munge all its
>surfaces when switching between windowed and fullscreen.
>but i would think that only effects HWSURFACEs.

What does Windows do when you start a Pygame application? Does it always
go fullscreen, or does it just respect the FULLSCREEN flag? We've used the
toggling feature in Civil, but apparently it won't work on Windows. I
should try it on Windows some day. Really.

>the options here are:
>let toggle_fullscreen() fail silently like it currently does
>(not to good really)

Maybe return a value? 1 if ok, 0 if failed.

>have toggle_fullscreen() raise an exception on failure
>(better, at least)

That would mean all calls need to be wrapped in try-excepts in order to
avoid a nice trace...

>get rid of toggle_fullscreen() all together.
>(too drastic?)

Hmm, it's there, it works for most (I wish) users. Maybe document it's
problems and provide means to know wether the call was successful or not.

>i'd lean towards getting rid of it, but will change it to
>raising an exception if people can remember the reason why
>it is useful/unreplaceable.

*whisper* we use it! :-) No, it's not unreplaceable, not even too needed.  
If you decide to take it out I'll just get rid of some code and let Linux
users set fullscreen when starting the application. No problem there.

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