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Re: [pygame] pygame-1.1 source available

In article <001f01c0fcd3$1ca2bc60$0200a8c0@petebox> you wrote:
> francis, do you think it would be worthwhile to create a 
> pygame package that worked with "testing" ? since the
> packages in testing change less frequently (and there are
> more users?) it might be a good idea? it should be possible
> i know SDL-1.2 and python2 have made it into testing, but
> perhaps some libraries like Numeric are missing?

If there's a package for testing then I shall dance at your wedding :)
Does pygame really need to *depend* on python2-numeric? v1.0 didn't, it
just meant that you couldn't use surfarray stuff, which I don't
understand anyway ;-)
> i think its time to see if we can get pygame an official
> debian maintainer? it's be nice if it was apt-get able.
> actually we could even maintain our own little debian
> repository, so people could apt-get pygame if they added
> our repository to their list. maybe that would be a better
> start?

It's only one package, and it doesn't rev that often, so ftp and then
dpkg -i should be fine, I'd have said...


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