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Re: [pygame] pygame-1.1 source available

> As it happens, I was just working on it when you sent this mail.
> Find the .deb files for pygame-1.1 on the FTP site in contrib.  

excellent. thanks again francis for keeping on top of these
files. i've moved them into their special debian folder and
added the info to the download page.

> The bad news is that I can't get the new glcube.py demo to work;
> which is ironic, really, as I was the first person to get GL
> working with pygame...

doh. well it works fine with either the older pyopengl,
or the newer pyopenglSWIG stuff that is on the brink of

i'm thinking about adding a texture to to glcube example,
so people can see how to use the image.tostring() to build
a GL texture.

francis, do you think it would be worthwhile to create a 
pygame package that worked with "testing" ? since the
packages in testing change less frequently (and there are
more users?) it might be a good idea? it should be possible
i know SDL-1.2 and python2 have made it into testing, but
perhaps some libraries like Numeric are missing?

i think its time to see if we can get pygame an official
debian maintainer? it's be nice if it was apt-get able.
actually we could even maintain our own little debian
repository, so people could apt-get pygame if they added
our repository to their list. maybe that would be a better

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