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[pygame] GSoC Easy simple software 3d


My name is Istvan, a second year computer science student from
Budapest, Hungary. I am writing to introduce myself a bit and to get
a better idea of the project I would like to do. I have been
programming in C and C++ for some years now, mostly small
3D/game-development related stuff. I have used OpenGL in several
projects and also have some experience with DirectX. I started using
Python and Pygame a few months ago. I have a strong background in Math
(esp. in linear algebra and calculus).

Based on my skillset I decided to apply for the "Easy simple software
3d" project, as it is both interesting and useful and I think I am
able to finish it in time. There is no mentor assigned to it on the
ideas page, who would mentor it? I have got some questions and I don't
know if I should ask them here or ask the mentor.

Don't hesitate to reply with any comment you might have.

 Istvan Kurucsai                          mailto:pistukem@xxxxxxxxx