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Re[2]: [pygame] GSoC Easy simple software 3d

I am thinking about wrapping sdl-tinygl, implementing/wrapping/simply
using a model loader (depending on the availabity of libraries for the
chosen format) and creating the drawing code. Is this enough for the
project or should I include other things in my proposal too (scene
graphing, special effects, something else)?

 Istvan Kurucsai                          mailto:pistukem@xxxxxxxxx
> indeed.  Note that this is a software 3d engine though... not hardware opengl.

> cu,

> On Fri, Mar 20, 2009 at 3:10 PM, Zack Schilling
> <zack.schilling@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>> One of the most important things for an OpenGL - Python interface is good
>> support for VBOs, PBOs and FBOs. It's very important to wrap as much of the
>> data handing as possible to ensure there are ways for Python developers to
>> update massive models without having to push 100,000 vertices from their
>> Python code to the C wrapper and then to the GPU.
>> -Zack
>> On Mar 19, 2009, at 11:48 PM, René Dudfield wrote: