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Re: [pygame] GSoC Easy simple software 3d

One of the most important things for an OpenGL - Python interface is good support for VBOs, PBOs and FBOs. It's very important to wrap as much of the data handing as possible to ensure there are ways for Python developers to update massive models without having to push 100,000 vertices from their Python code to the C wrapper and then to the GPU.


On Mar 19, 2009, at 11:48 PM, René Dudfield wrote:

TinyGLSDL would be a good one to wrap. It has some basic opengl constructs.

Or an appropriately licenced software OpenGLES implementation could be good too.


On Fri, Mar 20, 2009 at 10:10 AM, Kurucsai Istvan <pistukem@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

My name is Istvan, a second year computer science student from
Budapest, Hungary. I am writing to introduce myself a bit and to get
a better idea of the project I would like to do. I have been
programming in C and C++ for some years now, mostly small
3D/game-development related stuff. I have used OpenGL in several
projects and also have some experience with DirectX. I started using
Python and Pygame a few months ago. I have a strong background in Math
(esp. in linear algebra and calculus).

Based on my skillset I decided to apply for the "Easy simple software
3d" project, as it is both interesting and useful and I think I am
able to finish it in time. There is no mentor assigned to it on the
ideas page, who would mentor it? I have got some questions and I don't
know if I should ask them here or ask the mentor.

Don't hesitate to reply with any comment you might have.

 Istvan Kurucsai                          mailto:pistukem@xxxxxxxxx