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Re: [pygame] GSoC Proposal: Basic gui system

Frozenball <orkkiolento@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Yes, a good GUI module included by default sounds nice. I have used
> Ocempgui but it was too slow for my purposes.

I went back to school for my degree, so I haven't had time to pursue
game programming (as opposed to homework programming  >_< ).  But in
my idle times, I've thought about using one of the established Python
gui toolkits in combination with pygame/SDL.  I mean, if one is going
to want to avoid reinventing the wheel, let's just do it and use
TkInter or WxPython or whatever?

This theory was assuming that I could implement an extension of a
basic GUI panel widget from whatever library I was using that would
just take a surface and display it.  Then I could have all the buttons
and charts and widgets I wanted, with the layering and click handling
all done for me.  And my game programming would be limited to
rendering and game engine.  Which would be nifty.