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Re: [pygame] Freezing Pygame projects in Windows

I recall I couldn't make py2exe work either, but that's a long time ago. I'm using PyInstaller without problems to create executable packages of a PyGame project. I'm using a standard spec file as per http://pythonhosted.org/PyInstaller/spec-files.html. I then use NSIS https://sourceforge.net/projects/nsis/ to create an installer EXE. Have a look at the files in https://github.com/robhagemans/pcbasic/tree/master/packaging/windows for a working example with a spec file for pyinstaller and a script for NSIS.

PyInstaller can also produce a single executable file, but I'm not doing this so I don't know if that causes any problems with PyGame.


On Saturday, 7 May 2016, 8:18, scottmeup <skirmish666@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Hey All,
Sorry if this has been asked & answered, I couldn't find anything specific
by searching so far so hopefully not :)

I'm trying to freeze a project made with pygame / SimpleGUICS2Pygame. Every
tool I've tried apart from pygame2exe results in an executable that stops
responding. Most of them print a pygame parachute segmentation fault.

I've had success freezing with pygame2exe but I'd like to be able to use a
different freezing tool for a few reasons, and I'm a little bit too green to
work out how to make the changes made in pygame2exe work with other tools.

I might be mistaken but from what I've read I think the problem may have
something to do with the font settings?

Could someone point me in the right direction of something I can do to make
pyinstaller & other tools create working executables for pygame?

Thanks in advance!

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