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[pygame] Not getting mouse up event

I am having an issue where I'm occasionally not receiving the MOUSEBUTTONUP 
event from the event queue, until I execute another mouse event.

I am checking the event queue every frame like this:

 key_ups= [event.key for event in pygame.event.get(KEYUP)]
 mouse_ups = [event.button for event in pygame.event.get(MOUSEBUTTONUP)]

 key_downs = [event.key for event in pygame.event.get(KEYDOWN)]
 mouse_downs = [event.button for event in pygame.event.get(MOUSEBUTTONDOWN)]

 if K_ESCAPE in key_downs or pygame.event.peek(QUIT):

 myPlayer.GetInput( key_ups + mouse_ups, key_downs + mouse_downs )

The keyboard events will come through fine, but the MOUSEBUTTONUP will not be 
picked up until I move the mouse, or press another button. The instant I move 
the mouse, it fires, even if I had released it moments ago. It only seems to 
lock up if I hold the button down for ~8+ seconds.

Anyone know what's going on?

(Also, the cursor page in the online documentation is NOT FOUND.)