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Re: [pygame] Whats up with Pygame?

Whats happening with Pygame?
We've had a 'pre-release' 1.7 version for 5 months now.
Has the maintainer lost interest, or too busy?
Where do python game developers want to go from here? Is SDL becoming obsolete?

Hey guys, here's what's up. Originally I had planned to redo all the reference docs for the 1.7 release, but I worked a long time on that and am far from done. At this point I don't see holding up the release for that any longer.

I've received a few small patches since 1.6.2 and need to get those applied. Other than that there are only 2 main blockers for a 1.7 release. If anyone can tackle these all the better, as I'm not sure what I'll be able to provide.

1. Need to investigate the leaking of open file handles in the use of pygame.font. I suspect it has something to do with the passing of the SDL_RWOps structure and not defining who is taking control of the file handle. If this is too complicated (as the python rwops stuff can be) it would be good enough to get the simple case of a filename argument working.

2. Pygame segfaults if it cannot find the default window icon. This is looked for in whatever directory the pygame modeuls are located in. This problem really shows up in py2exe and other bundled environments. This shouldn't be hard to find in the display.c source.

Neither of these should be too much of a challenge, but at this point I think it is all that remains between now and a 1.7 release.

As for a Shredwheat update, yeah I've been away a bit. Two main reasons for the lack of activity. First, I'm now doing 10 hours a day of python programming at work. This seriously reduces my desire to come home and do more on the nights and weekends. The second reason is that World of Warcraft, I do want to spend my nights and weekends working on this. Unfortunately I am also moving houses and will have no primary computer for the next few weeks. (playing on Cenarius realm, look for Shredtusk on the horde)

Let's make a goal to get 1.7 out for the end of the year. I'm not in a good position to do much work, but if these patches can show up I'll worry about getting everything packaged for the full release.

By the end of the year I should have my main computer back up, which will make doing it myself more of an option. But better would be to just get a release finished before then.

Can anyone take a start at these? Also, emm, please send full copies of the modified sources along with the patch. That may make it easier for me to "apply".