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Re: [school-discuss] appindex

Doug Loss wrote:
> Michael Shigorin wrote:
>> Les, Doug, Appindex is great just as it is.  I've seldom been in
>> educational matters during last few years but when I were, went
>> there too and it helped.
>> Yes, software evolves and new projects are born but it's not
>> invalidating the archive.
> Thanks Michael.  As Les says, it won't be going away.  But it would
> still be nice to have the records there checked and updated
> occasionally.  There has been talk (mostly idle, mostly by me) over the
> years to make the AppIndex essentially a filter on a datafeed from
> FreshMeat, but nothing has ever been done toward that.  It would require
> the few projects we list that aren't on FreshMeat to get listed there or
> be removed from our index; I don't think that would be a great
> difficulty.  It would then give more accurate, current information on
> the various projects as presumably the FreshMeat entries are kept
> updated by the various project administrators where our entries are not.
> Is anyone interested in working on this idea?
> Doug Loss

Do you just need Freshmeat to start a more exculsive category than:

There is also:


I agree it would be nice for everthing to be listed in one place but it
would not be nice for projects not in Freshmeat to be dropped from the list.

- cameron