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Re: [school-discuss] appindex

On Thu, Apr 06, 2006 at 07:41:45PM -0400, Doug Loss wrote:
> What Les said.  Plus, there is a subtle difference between these
> categorizations and what we tried to do with the AppIndex.  These
> categories all list software with the primary usage of education.  Our
> AppIndex lists software of use in education.  So we include
> OpenOffice.org for example, which doesn't show up in the education
> categories on any of these.

Indeed.  Plus, extra information (such as links to didacticals,
books, whitepapers on educational use of an application, etc.) could be
included as a kind of 'meta-data' for the entry.

It could even be broken down by grade-level within an entry, too.
(So, for example, Tux Paint is probably suitable for K-6, but there are
only documents out there about using it specifically at the Kindergarten
level, at the moment...)

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